Diagnosis…it’s for everyone!


After Bob’s diagnosis..I cried. But I picked myself up by my big girl panties and started working on his plan. After about 6 months of therapy, lots of reading, and observation I started looking at people in a different light, myself included. I came to the realization that diagnosis is for everyone. Every single person you come in contact with has some type of quirk or idiosyncrasy that makes them tick, yourself included. Honestly, there is extreme comfort in that thought. The fact that we are all different not less.

I personally am a control freak. Don’t know if it is from being a teacher for so long or just the true me. I have fought that over the years, but sometimes it rears its ugly head. For example, I hate flying! Not that I am scared of the plane, it is just the damn fact that I can’t see what is going on up front. I micromanage my children, their schooling, friends etc. I know, I know back off helicopter mom..but sometimes I can’t! In the same breath it is what makes me efficient and sane to a point.

The hubby is an engineer also a control freak! But we have made it 20 years. So, I guess I’ll keep him. He thinks in a linear motion. Sometimes I feel every conversation has to go from point a to b to c with no deferring from the topic at hand. His quirk makes him a great engineer and provider.

My precious girl, Bob’s sissy, has some quirks. She is beautiful, kind and smart! But she can’t go into a store and talk to a sales person. Been that way her whole life, like Bob I have always been her voice. Is she on the spectrum? Does she need a diagnosis? Or is it just her and that is ok! She can buy her things online or always take me with her. Lol

Then there is our Bob. I say our Bob because he is the center of our little family’s world. He has quirks and a diagnosis. But the diagnosis doesn’t define him. It just gives his quirks a name.

If you listen and observe others, you will see it. You will see those differences that people, well people. Doesn’t matter if it is stims, little eye contact, social anxiety or just a weird laugh etc. they are the differences that make all of us special. We are all different not less!


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