Kid free = Carefree

Does being psalms kids equal being care free? That is the question on the floor, or just something I have been pondering. Being a stay at home mommy of two, one ASD three year old and one 15 year old teenager, I am tired. So, when Big Daddy asked if I would like to take a kid free mini vacation, I said of course! Well actually I said hell yeah! Can you imagine four whole days all to yourself? Me neither, but I was willing to give it a shot!

Thirty minutes into vacation the hubby looked at me and said, what do we do now? I laughed at this, but the thought was rolling around in my head as well. What are we going to do? Somewhere in the fog of parenthood and this thing called autism we kind of have lost ourselves. So, we went for the basics eat, drink, nap, and dare I say uninterrupted sex! We were living the dream. Than reality sets in, I miss my bebes. I miss the crazy hubbub that we call life. What would you do if this happened? As for me I started people watching. Mainly watching little people and their parents, riding trikes..dragging all the paraphernalia that you need for kiddos on the beach, chasing kids around the pool while your cold beverage becomes not so cool. Wishing the whole time I had my kids. I missed them. I missed the chaos!

Here is what dragged me back to reality. Big Daddy and I took an early morning swim together. We were just about to get out of the pool when the grandma, I had also been watching, bathing cap and all, entered the pool. She said, good morning very coolly and and asked my husband if he knew so in so from Columbia. He smiled and said no, and have a nice swim. She then replied, this is the only time during the day you can swim in peace without children being here. We both smiled and moved on to the beach. My husband turned to me and said, if she minds kids, her mind would have been blown if we had brought Bob with us, and I laughed. I laughed because he was right, and I was flustered by that woman. When did she lose her tolerance for children? When exactly did kid free equal carefree for her?

Personally, I hope it never happens for me. I hope I always respect my children and those of others. I hope I always realize what little people mean to all of us. Whether they are ours or others, they matter and they should be missed.

Love and hugs dolls,



2 thoughts on “Kid free = Carefree

  1. Lori, I love your blog!!! Payton has taught me so many things that I would have never experienced in my lifetime. The things so many people search all of their lives to and need to experience . It is unconditional love, desperation, happiness ,acceptance, triumph and true happiness. The list goes on and on ….. I could not have ever experienced those feelings, Had GOD had not blessed me with a miracle that I named Payton Gregory Barton

  2. I’m so glad you had a few days to relax. I feel the same way when we go off. we end up talking about the kids the entire time, calling them to check, and usually end up coming home early. They are our hearts.

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