I’m throwing a party!

Bob will be turning four at the end of November. He has never had a real birthday party. Before you get all judgmental on me listen to my story. The week before Bob’s first birthday he had his first febrile seizure. It was prolonged and led from a trip to the emergency room to being air lifted to the children’s hospital in Charlotte. He spent three days in the hospital. By the time we got home we were all so physically and emotionally exhausted a birthday party was not in the cards for us. Bob had us and a cake to celebrate.


Year two with Bob, we started noticing certain differences. Does this sound familiar? That paired with the fact that we are older parents, who went to an older church, psalms children Bob’s age in the church. Bob was friendless. So once again party at the Smith’s, very intimate for both his second and third year.

Brings me to today and this year we have FRIENDS and we are gonna celebrate…


I am talking balloons and cake and blow up things! In addition to all his new friends! The beautifully different children that go to his clinic, that don’t get invited many places and the NT’s that he goes to preschool with here in our small town. We are going to blow it out! Why now you ask and not the previous years? Because we can! We have time to breath and time to appreciate this gift of a child we have been given! And he now has others in our community to celebrate with! Consider yourselves invited because it is going to be a doozy!

Happy soon to be birthday Bob!


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