What I learned at McDonalds

Bob loves the playground at McDonalds. It is a two story monster playground circa the eighties. I’m talking Ronald McDonald, Grimace, and the Hamburglar, the whole crew! We frequent this play area because it is a good way to get some playtime with others in between therapies, and basically because the thought of unloading and reloading and undressing and redressing just for an hour at home seems ludicrous.


All to often, we have the place to ourselves. Hence, Bob running around saying, “Kids, oh kids, where are you.” But today was different. Just as he had finished his Happy Meal (don’t judge, he only eats about four things and chicken nuggets being one of them), in walks three kiddos. Jackpot!


A little girl about six, a boy about Bob’s age, and a little spider monkey about 13 months came bounding into the play area. Bob was beaming! “Hi kids! I Bob!”, he says. They went about their business taking there shoes off and scaling the monster playground, basically ignoring Bob. This doesn’t bother me or Bob for that matter. Developmentally at their ages they are more into their own little worlds. Bob trails behind them, zeroing in on the older sister. Yeah, I am pretty sure he is going to be a cougar chaser when he is older. Lord help me!

The little girl and Bob come down the slide and sit together at a table. Why? I have no clue. But it was really cute. She starts bombarding Bob with questions about what costume is he going to wear for “Happy Halloween”. She evidently is going to be a Flamenco dancer with a beautiful dress. That is what she told Bob anyways. She asks the questions and Bob gives the standard answer, I Bob. I guess he was tired of her yapping and took action. He puts his arm around her and says, “Dis my friend.” He then leans in for the kill. Can you guess what he did? Yep, he kissed her.


I told the little girl I was so sorry and that Bob is only three. She tells me with the air of an older sister, “That’s okay, when I get married, I am going to kiss a lot and have six kids.” About this time her dad came in the play area and told them all it was time to eat.

So, what did I learn at McDonalds today you ask, besides the fact that kids are stinking cute! I learned that the majority of the time they are open to new people and experiences and that the little girl’s parents better keep a short leash on that one.

I love you Bob,


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