My son is a blossom..don’t laugh

“I have been very quiet. But, I feel a may not be doing our journey justice. The emotions wrapped up in parenting, as we all know, are complex. You can feel guilt and achievement, love and heartbreak, joy and fear– simultaneously. The range of emotions are endless. There’s no precedent for the level of commitment, responsibility, or devotion. We make hard choices, we pull long hours– and we have a front row seat– watching the “becoming” of another person. It’s humbling, precious, innocent– worth every moment. It also renders you incapable of seeing the world the way you did before.


This was a post by a fellow facebooker and it really made me ponder life with Bob. Bob is blossoming, like a flower. Language and actions and so many great things I can not clearly put them all in words. However, it is more than just the great things that are going on that make me so proud as a parent and happy for my child. This becoming , or his blossoming is so much more than just that. He is like a flower, I have planted and cared for and he has grown and with all this care he is now coming into bloom. I know, it’s cliche. Good parents nurture their children and relish the milestones, such as the emergence of language. It is a joyous time, especially when you have been waiting a long time for it. For some parents this type of blossoming does not come.

And in the midst of all this rejoicing, I am still, like all other parents, sitting in the front row of his life. Don’t get me wrong, we have hit several bumps in the road. We have had meltdowns that have rivaled a nuclear power plant disaster and battled for Bob’s plan for preschool, and the list goes on and on. Such is the life of most parents, the day in and out of cultivating another human being.

The journey is just as Autism:Uncensored said, it is joyous, heartbreaking , precious, and humbling. It is worth every moment of happiness and pain for that matter. Moreover, it will leave you incapable of ever looking at life in the same way.

Hugs and love Dolls,
Lori Bob’s mom



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