Friends I’ve never met…

Being a parent of young children can be a lonely place. Especially, if you are an older parent. When my eldest was young I was late twenties, living in a neighborhood with tons of stay home mommies and a horde of children all around the same age. I didn’t realize at the time what a nirvana this was. We had coffee, play dates, cook outs, and of course some wine time.

Pic of my girl at a play date in nirvana!


Fast forward twelve years, I am now late thirties and the proud mommy of a bouncing baby boy. I am also the mother who has a fifth grader, who lives on a property with no neighbors and who goes to an older church where the only kids are my 12 year old and Bob.


I always felt bad for Bob. I tried a play group with a bunch of young mommas and just felt like I was a momma to them. So, Bob had this crew as his playmates.



My mom, his sissy and her BFF’s, or as a affectionately refer to them as, Bob’s bitches. Bob almighty his will be done, and they would do it!

Where were my friends you ask, well, laughing and pointing at me navigating this sea of toddler hood. My friendships and carefree time with my girlfriends was kaput. We all had different bags of tricks. Well, accept for my best friend, pictured below. Her child is out of the house and when she is not traveling, she makes time for us and is Bob’s personal photographer.


But I digress, the friends that I have made in the past five months of face booking and blogging, are possibly some of the best friends I have ever known, and I haven’t even met them. We share stories, bitch and moan, cry and commiserate with one another. They GET me and I GET them. We have each other’s backs and we are part of each other’s lives, virtual or not it counts. I for one never feel isolated or alone anymore, because I now have seven sisters that I have never even met.
Courtney, Flannery, Jessi, Karen, Pam, Shanell, and Wendy…thank you.

Hugs and love,


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