Ride the effin wave…….

When I was little, I was really cute…so my momma says. She also told me I hated for people to look at me. I would beg her to make them to stop looking at me. So, I rode the effin wave.


As an adult, I still struggle with it..attention. I am uncomfortable with eye contact with strangers. I will avoid it at all costs. But it is still there. So, I ride the effin wave.

Now, with Bob, my sweet open son, who doesn’t care if anyone stares or looks, I ride the same effin wave. But this time it is different. Because of him I no longer care if people look at me or him for that matter. I am so entranced with him, his being, his becoming, the wave seems effortless. I hope people stare! I wish for them, that they see part of this journey.

I hope that others will catch our effin wave! Moreover, that people realize that our wave/journey is the same.



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