God our father….

God our father, God our father,
Once again, once again,
Thank you for our blessings,
Thank you for our blessings,
Amen, Amen….

This is the blessing that Bob sings at his Nt preschool before they have snack. Today was donuts for dads. My husband was actually in town, he has a lot of business on the west coast. So, he was enlisted to do his duty with Bob and go to the donut breakfast. He was nervous about it. He has never met his teacher or the therapist that shadows Bob at school. He asked me to come with him. Part of me was pissed at this, can’t he handle it? The other part of me was happy, I would get to see our son interact with others within his class and his father that he does not get to see all that often, because he is busy making a living.

Bob was over the moon happy! He had me and daddy taking him to school!


I stood by the door and watched my boy and my husband interact with the other kids and fathers. My heart was so full, I thought my bra would pop off! Pictures were taken by the teacher, and gifts were given to the dads. A neck tie on a string that Bob had painted, a picture of Bob in a frame, that said, I’m nuts about you! It had little nuts hot glued on it! Precious beyond words.

It was time to leave, and all this joy was overshadowed, by the fear. The fear that Bob would meltdown when we left. The fear that others would see it and be afraid for their children. Sometimes, his melt downs are epic!

But, we left and shortly after I texted his shadow. How is he doing? She texted back, Wonderfully!

Thank you father for our blessings,
Bob’s mom


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