I had a shitastic day……

I was told by a great blogger friend, Flannery. That this would be, blogging gold. What I shared with my personal group, that I deemed inappropriate to share with everyone, seems okay to do so now…..Here it goes, my shitastic day…

No one , I hope, ever wakes up and says this will be the most shitastic day ever! My day started early, like most parents. My son was going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch! His first one ever. What makes it even more special is the fact that he is autistic, 3 years old, almost 4 and that he would be doing this with his NT preschool class. I felt normal..for the first time in a while..awoke early, had my coffee, my Bob wakes up in a good mood and ready to see the kids, his term for his class. We make the trek to preschool..discussing the pumpkin patch. Well, I’m discussing and probing for knowledge of the day. Bob is sure of two things. 1. He is going to see the kids and 2. He is going to see some pumpkins. We arrive at school. Little to my knowledge, we have an hour before said field trip…one long ass hour of free time. Needless to say, this did not go over well at all. In fact, it ended with me carrying Bob, all 52 lbs of him out of the classroom to the car. He was crying and I was to, I am ashamed to say. All he had to do is sit in his chair for the story, and it was just too much for him. We went home. What a shitastic morning!

However, we rallied! I calmed him down at home and talked to him about why we left. Moreover, I told him if he wanted to go to the pumpkin patch we still could go and meet the kids there, and we did



I watched my son run with his arms out stretched like a bird taking flight through the hay maze…he was free..he was soaring….he listened to the sweet lady talk about pumpkins. She told the children not to sit on them or pick them up. Of course, all he heard was, PICK them up and he tried. We went inside the church, the people that hosted the pumpkin patch outing, he sat and listened to the story being read, beautifully. He colored a scarecrow picture with other children. He even wrote his name at the top. Which is funny..because when other parents saw this..they were pushing their kids to do the same. He also went on a pumpkin hunt and followed directions, even better than his peers. My shitastic day was getting so much better!

We left the pumpkin patch, with my mother in tow. The day had gone so well, at this point we felt lucky and went to lunch.


Bob refused to sit at the same table as his grandmother. Why? I have no clue! So, we sat separately and had lunch. The hostess, did give me a “stank face” look. I just smiled at her and said, don’t judge!

We made it to the safety of home and I was feeling pretty good about the day, there were a few positives along with the soul draining meltdown…things seemed to be looking up. Until, I realized I had forgotten to buy dog food. So, I unloaded Bob and my mother and drove my middle aged weary ass back to the store.

I went to tractor supply to buy dog food..for my big ass lab..when I was loading the 60 lb bag of dog food in the trunk I strained and literally shit my effin pants….go ahead and laugh…I did…because as bad as the day had been..nothing is as bad as shitting your pants in public!

Love and hugs…….hope u smiled,
Aka Bob’s Mommy



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