Be careful what you wish for…..

One of the markers that was missing in Bob’s development was language. I prayed for the day my son would talk to me. I prayed for questions and thoughts, or in the beginning just labeling. One year into to therapy. We have language! Good lawd! The boy can effin label, colors, numbers, ABC’s sounds and his surroundings. I am one happy momma! A proud momma, of a little fella I thought may never talk…but he…

Be careful what you wish for…


He now has the ability to inference. It blows his therapists away…moreover, me to for that matter.

Here are some examples:

1. Ipad doesn’t work or things don’t go his way. He says ..darn it. Appropriate use of language? Ummm, hell yes! Darn it, why
is it not working.

2. He loves to make letters out of play dough. He is particular. He knows the difference between upper case and lower case. If you happen to be the person that messes it up, doesn’t form the letter correctly…you will be met with..Try again…which in my mind is polite..Bob is requesting..winning!

3. If we venture into places that have a smell…he questions..what is that smell..with a wrinkled nose. He basically says what I am thinking. The apple does not fall from the tree.

Be careful what you wish for….

Today was golden for Bob and his ability to be aware of his surroundings…he followed me into the bathroom..I was going to take a shower…right before I stepped into that great release of getting clean…Bob says..ooh gross. I asked him what was gross. He said, u butt. I guess I need to go to the gym. From the mouths of babes, comes the truth. I had to smile. He once again was right!

Be careful what you wish for…..

Love and hugs dolls,
Lori aka Bob’s mommy

* language or not all of our kids have thoughts! You just have to look for it!



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