The candy he will never eat…….

Halloween…the frenzy is amazing! What costume is your child going to wear? I guarantee it will never top this kid’s costume. How the hell will he trick or treat on a damn donkey?


Bob had an amazing Spider-Man costume..mask and suit with built in muscles. He truly looked like a miniature Spider-Man. And when he pulled the mask off, he would make your heart swoon with the cuteness of his face. He wore it around the house. We did a lot of pretend play with it. We also read books about trick or treating. I truly felt he was ready for this!

I was ready for this! My cute kid had a great costume! He is scared of nothing. We were ready!

Until, he decided Spider-Man was not his costume! He needed a mask! Moreover, an old school mask.


Yes. He wanted to be a cat! I tried to make it as butch as I could. I mean, come on, a cat is a little girlie! I had him put on a green shirt to match the eyes on the mask and black basketball shorts. He looked cool! Did you see the pic?

We trick or treated for 2 hours. We started at a friends house. She always does it up for Bob, to the point he is spoiled. He thinks all candy is for him and wrapped gift bags go along with trick or treating.

Good friends are blessings.

We moved on from her house, to others we know in our precious small community. They all know Bob is autistic. They still ask questions and talk to him, like any other kid.

Good friends are blessings ..

What stays with me..besides the fact that Bob had a great time trick or treating….is the fact he will never eat the candy.

I don’t know why it bothers me. The fact he has no taste for the candy. The fact that he does not relish his booty of candy..I’m not kidding the bag is filled with all kinds of chocolate goodness!

I guess I’ll get over it. I hope one day I will stop trying to fit this square peg into a round hole. I pray that I will. But right now, we have candy in the house that he will never eat.

Love and hugs,
Lori aka Bob’s mommy


One thought on “The candy he will never eat…….

  1. Teghan doesn’t get the concept too well, but loses her mind for the candy. Since bringing some home from school today until bedtime, she was stuck on a constant loop of saying “want chocolate.” (She pronounces it “ock-eek”) All night long, without ceasing, and long after she had already eaten her weight in ock-eek she continued to beg. And when we said no, she just found it herself and brought it to us. It was a long night 🙂

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