Neurotypical is overated…just sayin

I don’t know about you..but I am drawn to different. My whole life I conformed to the norm, and I was damn good at it! I can fit in anywhere. It’s like a game or moreover a competition, and I like to win! The thing is…there is no winning. Life is different now. Moreover, normal is overrated!


The square peg that is my boy, that I try to fit in a round hole…doesn’t work. It’s not normal or right for me to try and do so. He like so many children and adults for that matter are perfect as is. No matter of society’s preconceived notions of the norm, a precious few don’t care. They, our children, see all. They don’t see the norm, or care for that matter.

The more we all do this the better the world will be. I pray, hope, long for that day. The day where all see that there is no normal….just human…just being.

Love and hugs dolls,
Aka Bob’s mommy


One thought on “Neurotypical is overated…just sayin

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