I’m putting these puzzle pieces together…

Today Bob’s speech therapist told us it would be her last week with him. She is moving. Once again another puzzle piece to put together for my boy. I’m pissed, I’m floundering..I’m tired….every time I think the puzzle is close to completion…we lose a piece.
These damn pieces are so hard to put together…especially in a small town and when an integral piece goes missing, it throws everything off. Not that it was close to being finished, I know this..it just was coming together. And now it is not….


I know things will fall into place. I have faith and hope. But right now, the whole plan feels like a wrench has been thrown into it.
Finding the right therapist who has the correct available time to fit into Bob’s ABA schedule, 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon, is like finding a unicorn that farts bacon..(yeah, get that vision out of your head).

I guess I’ll add this to my christmas wish list….I won’t even ask for snow….just a puzzle piece…

Aka Bob’s mommy


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