Her name was Azalea…like the flower

Husband had the brilliant idea to drive our RV to Charleston, aka Chucktown, to visit his parents. My first thought, oh God, last time we were there it was awful. I mean catastrophically the worst visit EVER! Bob wasn’t happy, so NOONE was happy. My second thought was, why in the hell do we need to drive the RV? His parents have a home large enough for all of us, unlike my parents who have downsized, we probably could use the RV at their house. But I am trying to be a team player *keyword “trying”*, he wants to make the trek in the tin bus, then we shall make the trek in the bus.

And we were off, like a herd of turtles….


If you have ever taking a trip in an RV then you may relate to this. I compare it to taking your living room on a ride with all your fam. Moreover, with all your fams issues. Bob has to be at the helm. He needs to see things and be in control. The husband is,lucky he even got to drive. I fully expected Bob to climb on over and take the wheel. Sissy, my sweet precious teenager, *cough, cough, cough* is of course tired and in need of a nap. Why? Idk it’s a teenage thing, which I would very much like to make a middle aged momma thing!
A girl can dream! The hubs aka Big Daddy..just wants to drive and listen to his music. And when I say his music, I mean anything circa 1980 that is country. He pops in his cd and he is happy singing along to John Denver..country rodes..take me home …please take me home!

The ride went well. Bob loves the RV! Winning!
We went to lunch, no meltdowns! Winning!

The only catch was when Bob would get bored, he would tell me it was time to go home. He told me, his sissy and his sweet grandparents. Thank Gawd, they get him and the autism. They know it’s not a reflection on their hosting skills.

My sweet MIL suggested we go to the playground. Fab idea! We went and let me tell you, it was a mega playground..with castles and boats and I shit you not, probably 100 kids running around while their parents stood around on their phones or chatting with one another.

Myself and sissy were on high alert chasing Bob around making sure he played appropriately or at the very least did not hurt himself or any others.

And that’s when it happened….I lost sight of him on the bridge thingy..but I heard his name being called and it wasn’t me or his sissy. It was two cute girls..probably sevenish…chasing him and telling him to chase them. HE MADE some FrieNDS! Yes, they were older and girls, and probably just wanted to mother him as little girls do. But, they included him….they played with him and he with them. Down the rope bridge they ran and into the sand they jumped…I was standing there waiting…Bob says..Hi mommy and one of the little girls looked up at me and said, “Hi, I’m Azalea…like the flower! Come on Bob, let’s do the tire swing.” and they did, together getting dizzy..like kids do. Do you remember that feeling? I do. And I will remember this feeling as long as I live, the little one that friended him had also suffered from a cleft palate …her little nose and mouth were strangely shaped…and in that moment when I noticed…I thought to myself..you are like the flower, the Azalea..ever so beautifully made in so many ways.

Thank you Azalea, you beautiful girl, thank you for so many things,
Aka Bob’s mommy



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