Welcome to the jungle…

Bob’s therapy session was cancelled on Thursday morning of this week. I knew it was coming. The therapist was going home to NYC for and extended holiday. I can’t lie. I was jealous. I would love to see the city this time of year. C’est la vie! I decided we would have our own little adventure. We were going to the ZOO! Unlike said therapist, our plans were on the spur of the moment.

While I was showering, with Bob, my mother, and the damn dog holding court, we discussed what animals we would see.
I told Bob there would be elephants, giraffes, penguins, and tigers. He is super excited and super stimmy. E is for elephant, g is for giraffe..etc. I tried to throw him a couple of times. G is for the turtle we are going to see. Bob, No mommy..G is for giraffe. Smart boy.

And we were off….like a herd of turtles…

On the ride there, I questioned Bob about the animals. He had it all down pat. Then I ventured to ask, and where are we going? Bob answers, the jungle…. Techniquely, he’s correct..will go,with that one!

45 minutes later…we enter the jungle…

This trip has 5 parts…1. We saw penguins. 2. We saw gorillas. 3. Mommy was accosted by Lorikees 4. We rode a train. 5. We’re done.

We saw penguins…


Gorgeous pic, right! Bob’s not in it. He was to busy chasing the swimming penguins, doing so while he holds his nose. Why you ask? Because evidently they haven’t been keeping up with cleaning the scat..aka shit. He had fun, and thank you Jesus, he didn’t run around yelling, WHAT SMELLS! But, if he had that would have been appropriate. Foul does not begin to describe it.

Moving on…we saw gorillas….


Bob says, G for gorilla. That’s right buddy, I say…let’s take a look…there were two apathetic gorillas. God bless them. I would be pissed to if I had to live in a contained fabricated landscape and a cement cell where I picked lettuce off the floor. Do gorillas even eat lettuce? I don’t know either. Bob didn’t care. He sat on the bench by a kid he didn’t know and smiled for the camera. Mind you the camera was that of another mommas not mine. His smile was still genuine and cute, even if I caught it from another angle.

Moving on…let’s feed the Lorikeets….you might be accosted..but it’s all good..


The lady in the pic looks happy. She is not me or my experience. The Lorikeets are kept in an open enclosure. You have to go through two sets of doors, in hopes the vultures, I mean Lorikeets don’t escape. My mother is looking at me like I’m crazy. She says she is not going in there, those damn birds are going to shit on her. She spells, SHIT, because Bob is with us. I assure her they are not! But the lady selling the “nectar” keeps shaking her head…saying yes they will, to my mother. After the seminar given by the guide about what we can and can not do in the enclosure while Bob is pushing on the doors to get in and my mom keeps,shaking her head no, we are in…

The birds ascend on me like locusts on a ripe crop…they are the locusts and I am the crop..I had..I’m not shitting, twenty birds on me. All fighting for the nectar, and one sitting on my head…I didn’t get that. Bob is laughing and trying to grab the birds..I’m looking at my momma..like, you were right..please god don’t shit on me. They didn’t…and we moved on….

Moving on..the train…


I wish I knew how to link a vid to the post, but I don’t so you get a still shot…Bob on the train…
They have a little train that runs a small track. Bob was so excited. He was going to ride a choo choo. And we did, three times around the track for six dollars. Money well spent, because he enjoyed it….

Moving on..I’m done…

We had walked the entirety of the zoo/jungle. We had possibly one more attraction to see. In the midst of our path, walks a class of students. There were lots of schools at the zoo that day. The class was what some would call, profoundly disabled, whatever that means. Quite a few were in wheel chairs with tanks hooked to them, they were older..maybe high school..I heard sounds that all of us(this community) know. I smiled at the kids and teachers. I was happy they were all out and about, hopefully enjoying this zoo/jungle. We passed the group a couple of steps..and Bob says, they need a doctor…….I can’t explain that to him right now. The fact that those children are like him…different and not less..and no they are not sick..they don’t need a doctor….they are us and we are them…we all are…..

And, I’m done,

Aka Bob’s mommy


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