It’s a Christmas miracle!

My daughter was invited to a Sweet 16 masquerade ball in our home town. She, Bob and myself made the trek to my parents to spend the weekend so she could partake in the festivities. She would be accompanied by her two best friends from childhood. I give you

The three amigas!


One more gratuitous pic..just because I’m a proud momma!


While these beauties were prepping for the party, my parents, Bob and myself went shopping.

First stop, haircut for Bob!

Haircuts can go either way with Bob…it can be great..he’s into it..or well…we walk out with whacked up hair, because that’s as good as it gets. I like to take him to a cute kid has airplanes, cars, fire engines to sit in and tvs out the wazoo for each patron with a favorite kid movie playing along with a lady who will blow bubbles for your kid or offer them a variety of goodies whilst their hair is being coiffed. You might be thinking sensory overload..but for Bob it works! Thankful, today was one of those days. I did tell y’all I like to people watch right? Well, while we were waiting (estimated wait time 45 min) we went into the playroom. It has a wii and crayons, a train table and of course a tv.. Two boys were playing baseball wii..having a good time..there was a father in the room..he kept mumbling under his breath about how the boys shouldn’t be swinging while other kids were in the room..I don’t know why it bothered him. His two kiddos were happily watching tv and out of harms way. My boy was the only one in the vicinity of the swings..and he was ok. Moreover, I was comfortable with it. The boys weren’t wild and if Bob got tapped it might teach him proximity of space or lack there of. The dad just wouldn’t let it go. He finally made the boys, not his, stop playing. About that time Bob got called for his cut. I was thankful. I really didn’t want to fight someone else’s battle but I wanted to tell that Dad to take a freakin chill pill! They are kids for goodness sake. I digress, the guy was an asshole. Bob got his haircut and we were off to our next locale. We stopped for lunch. Bob had ice cream. I’m good with that, milk, a different food other than hotdogs or fries let’s roll with this. Lunch was nice! Winning!

Here comes the miracle, y’all ready? On the drive back Bob asks for a hamburger! Yes, a hamburger! I really didn’t think he would eat it. Never in a million years, guess that’ll teach me to underestimate my boy. He ate it…he ate all of it! You know this feeling, if your kiddo eats a select few things, adding something new is a freakin miracle!

We left Sunday morning for home. My girl had a good time. Bob did as well, and ate a new food. We were heading home because that afternoon he would be seeing a Santa for the first time. The Evening Pilot Group hosts a sensory Santa every year for special needs kiddos. Santa, Mrs. Claus, snacks and gifts for the kiddos, sounds like a party to me.

When I first told my husband about it, he was apprehensive. Please DO NOT judge him, he is a good man with a good heart, just not all that knowledgable about the special needs community. He let’s me handle it. He can not. I’m ok with that. He asked if it was a good idea to take Bob around “those kids”. I promptly reminded him, that his son IS one of THOSE kids. He apologized. He said he didn’t mean it that way and he got his ass in the car to drive us to our Santa outing. It really was lovely. The people who hosted it were gracious and talkative. The other families, like ours, with children, like ours were happy and smiling! I watched my husband loosen up and really enjoy the afternoon…the people..the kids. And Bob, well, we have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas…we had three Christmas miracles so far…Bob ate a hamburger and Bob sat on Santa’s lap for the first time ever and my husband realized “those ” kids are pretty freakin awesome!

Merry Christmas Y’all,
Bob and MC’s mommy



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