I pray….

I am not overly religious. We haven’t attended church on regular basis in so long and I’m ashamed of that. However, I still pray. And when I pray, those moments of quiet that come up every so often, like the wee hours of the morning or sometimes during the day, I ask for things. Things for myself and for others…

When my son had his first febrile seizure and was christened in the ER because we were not sure he would make it…I fell on my knees and prayed for his life…I prayed for the strength of his body to surpass this episode..I prayed and I prayed hard.

Prayer answered…

I pray for all of you that I follow or are friends…I pray for your kids, your sanity, peace..mainly peace for all your lives…

For the ones in the headlines, like our Avonte…I say our, because he is part of our community..I have heard too many people say, that could have been my child…in reality, he is our child…it takes a village we are the village….I prayed for his return…now I pray for his family and that they find peace and I pray that this doesn’t happen again….

I still believe and I will continue to pray…

Prayer gives me hope. It offers solice. It takes me to a place of quiet and reflection and….peace….don’t we all need peace?

My prayer for all of us….peace..just that….peace….



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