I don’t know if he will be ready..

My parents came today and we had such a good time. Bob got presents..spider man doodads..things that shoot webs and make noises and spider pjs..he was in hog heaven. My momma caught me off guard, when she asked me if I thought he would be ready for kindergarten…..

The truth is…I don’t know…it’s a year and half away..but closes in daily as I watch him go through the hoops of therapy. He progresses every day. His language has grown..his thoughts are forming more clearly as well as his speech….but I just don’t know…

With all the progress Bob has made he still has deficits..he still falls slightly behind his peers. I suppose I should be thankful. My boy speaks and makes connections…I just don’t know…

And that scares me…worries me…encompasses my thoughts when I’m alone or I watch other NT children…

It worries me that I have connected with so many of you and you share your stories that give me hope or give me cause for worry…

I just don’t know…..

I tell others that confide in me that everything happens for a purpose and that NT is overrated….and I believe these things…

I just don’t know…

My hope is that even if he is not ready for kinder….that I will be ready to equip and fight for him to make his life as happy and complete as it can be…

Just sometimes….a lot of times…I just don’t know….I’m sorry…i wish I knew….




8 thoughts on “I don’t know if he will be ready..

  1. I am right there with you. I don’t know about my little girl either. She keeps surprising me though doing what Bob does…developing in speech and making connections. I keep trying to tell myself to trust her. Trust that she is capable. Even though I am terrified for her. Good to know I’m not alone in this 🙂

  2. I totally get you. I understand. I left my job as a lead Pre K teacher in a private school to make sure my son would be ready for Kindergarten. It took time, patience and a whole lot of love. Worth it, totally. Your son is capable. He can do it. he has an awesome mom. Good luck. If you need anything, I am here for ya!!

  3. We had Joseph in a separate class for K. I couldn’t imagine handling a regular K classroom at that time. Now he’s in a regular 4th grade. He had been in pre-k since he was 2. I could have waited one more year to send him to K, BUT academically he was MORE than ready. He was only in the separate class for K because I worried about all the transitions he would have to do going from prek to K. His independence was the main concern and getting lost in a class of 18 with one adult.

  4. We are going through the same thing. I don’t know where we fit and how we will fit in. All I do know is I am not going to waste this last year of true childhood, before school worrying. We have enough on our plate with the day to day. All I know is plenty of ASD kids and parents have come before us and kicked butt to make it better for our kids.

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