Wait for me…

Wait for me..he says…my son..my 4 year old… He wants to be part of everything, yet he fights leaving the house..he likes to stay home..but if I say I’m going, he says…wait for me….

And that’s what I do..because he asks me..because I must.. I wait…

I’ve waited for a long time. I waited for his birth. I waited for his first words. I waited for so many things. In four short years, I have waited for what feels. like my whole life, for things to happen.

Good lawd they have…but not the normal path…at his own pace…

And it’s all good..I would wait for him forever if need be…I will wait through his first day of school… His first longing for friends..his first everything…I will wait …I will be here…for him..for always..I will wait…

I love you Bob…Mommy is here….always..waiting…

Love and hugs ,
Bob’s mommy



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