IEP…..Lawd help me!

The dreaded day…the one you read horror stories about, the one that you know is coming as your little one approaches school age….you know the one..the day of the IEP meeting! (Insert dramatic music)

Having been a teacher I have sat at the table with literally 100’s of parents over the years… Making plans for their children..assuring them it was all good..and making sure I held up my end of the bargain with their child’s IEP… It’s slightly different when you are the parent component of the team not the teacher..administrator….psychologist…(insert random school personnel)

I’m not going to lie. It’s intimidating!

I sat at the table of the team and they reviewed all of Bob’s testing and input from therapists to paint a picture of Bob and his specific needs. I swear y’all I was loaded for bear. I had my ,I’m not taking any shit face on, with all the ammunition I needed to get what my boy needs. Truth is, I didn’t need it….

The Head Psych from the District who headed up the meeting…had been a kindergarten teacher for 20 years before she went into psych..never married …no children..she was in it to win it..for my Bob and all children…you’ve been in education long enough you can spot it..the ones that are really there for the benefit of the kids…

Her name was Dr. Pigg btw….don’t laugh..if y’all know me you,know how I feel about Peppa…but Dr. Pigg (yes two g’s) may have changed my mind …

After all of Bob’s strengths and weaknesses were reviewed…she spoke..
Dr. Pigg said the words I wanted to hear….Bob will be in an inclusion classroom with 12 kiddos who have developmental delays at the start of the he adjusts to the routine he will begin to be mainstreamed in to a typical 4k program that they have along with speech and OT supports. She felt strongly that my boy was exceptional in many ways….and that he would do well in the school environment. I pray she is right……I’m optimistically looking forward to the start of school in August….he’s got a book bag ..a lunch bag and one bad ass mommy behind him!

As always, love and hugs
Bob’s mommy


3 thoughts on “IEP…..Lawd help me!

  1. Awesome!!! I think that is the best decision. That is something which will greatly benefit Bob and strengthen his skills. As the school year progresses, I am sure he will be very capable of mingling with “typical” children inside the classroom and that will produce very positive social and academic outcomes. He can not lose with a mom like you!!! xxoo

  2. I loved this blog! Maybe because I connected more with it being a parent who has sat through close to 30 IEP meetings myself, it’s difficult. You’re always on edge and I loved your comment that you had your taking no shit face on. We had two great teams in Sumter, one on base and one off, so I cannot complain, it sounds like you have a great one too and that’s important. I wish Bob much success in his school year, he’s so bright, I know it will almost be harder on you this year, he will probably enjoy all the new things to explore.

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