Don’t loathe us…..

This thought enters my head every time my girl leaves the nest and enjoys time with other families….don’t loathe us.

Don’t loathe us because our life is not easy. Unfortunately because we cohabitate…yours isn’t easy either. You, my child, have to share your teenage hood with your brother and us….it’s not easy. You my child, however do it with grace and compassion and patience. How do you do it? How do we deserve you? How do you not loathe us?

I want your teenage years to be filled with fun…and care free…and whim….

However, you are part of this family. You are an integral part of what makes us work. Your love for your brother, your patience, you…just you…make all of our journeys so much better.

Never lose sight of yourself, your goals….and us…..

Without you…there is no us….

Thank you my love, my girl, my first born…..




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