Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher,

Tomorrow morning I will bring him to your classroom door. He will be the little boy with a big smile and big heart, wearing a backpack that bears his name and a lunch box that has food he will eat. Did I tell you he won’t be eating the cafe food….it’s not for him..not right now anyway.

He is excited. He is four. He is Autistic. He is my boy…my world.

Please treat him gently. Please help him learn. He doesn’t need the academics. He already knows all of his numbers, shapes, colors, and even reads some. What my boy doesn’t know is how to interact with others. He needs practice and he needs a gentle person to help him find his way, to help him grow.

He needs you… I need you to help him.

I’m sure I won’t sleep tonight. I’m sure I’ll have a hard time leaving your classroom. Please be gentle and understanding to us both. We are connected you see. He is my heart…. I am his voice….you are his teacher….

Help him, help me….this is hard…..
Bob’s momma



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