Meanwhile in the therapy waiting room…

I watched him today. Like so many other days, I watch him, my boy, my son.
Thursday’s are always the same. We climb in the car and make the trek to OT and Speech.
Where are we going today, he asks?
Speech and OT, I say. We are going to Columbia to see Ms.Jenn and Ms. Reagan.
Not to school, he asks?
No, I say…to therapy.
Every Thursday is the same.

Today we walk in to the clinic. There are two girls..the same two that are there every Thursday. They don’t need therapy. They are Bob’s age. Their siblings are there for treatment. They are there with their parents waiting. That’s what you do in waiting rooms. Right? You wait? That’s what I do every Thursday….I wait…I think..I try to decompress for the two hours that my son receives speech..language and OT..that helps him build upper body strength that most children develop boy..not so much….
I wait….

I watch him go into the playroom with the two girls and my rambunctious boy is quiet..may I dare say timid…they invite him to play blocks..he is standoffish…he watches….I watch…he makes a silly face at them…they invite him again… They know the appropriate social cues..they know how this works..he doesn’t but he wants too……he wants to engage..before he makes his move..the speech therapist comes to collect him….

And I wait ….I listen…to inane conversations…about manatees and sea lions and the Duggars….Honestly, 19 children do not interest me..only one…..
Two hours pass, the amount of time it takes for him to have his therapies….his language and upper body building therapy and it’s time to go………
He comes out and immediately looks for the two girls in the playroom….they aren’t there…they’ve already left…their siblings are finished and they are off….

Before we leave…Bob turns and addresses the girls who are no longer there….

Good bye guys…I’ll be back again soon.

Yes we will…….we will be back…every Thursday…..
His journey…my perception



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