To my future self…. I hope you read this.

Hey Girl,

It’s been a while!  How have you been?  Tired, I bet!  It’s been like 10 years.  What is Bob now, 15…16… I always lose track of time.  I bet he has grown.  I’m pretty sure you are so proud of him!   I just wanted to drop you a line to remind you of a couple of things…..things I hope you did on this journey.  You know the one, the one that’s called life.

I hope you took time outside of therapy to enjoy him…. You know childhood is short.  I know you want the best for him.  But, I really hope you took time to enjoy him….to watch him grow….from kinder to high school seems like forever but it’s over in a blink of an eye.  Seriously, I hope you didn’t blink.  Because, if you missed it. You missed some awesome things……I hope you didn’t.

I hope you took some time for yourself.  I know his schedule is hectic and you are busy….truly I get it….but I hope you did.  I hope you remembered before this little were a person too…with wants and needs…and hopes and dreams outside of your precious angel.  You see, it was important for you to do this.  Not only important for you…but for him…. He needed you at your best…I hope you didn’t disappoint…. It was so important that you be on your A game…..really important…..

With all the ups and downs, I hope you really understood what this was all about.  In the grand scheme of things…..everything is the same….we are all on our own journey….Autism or not….we are all stumbling through life…. It’s not always on your shoulders…….. You can’t always fix everything….. And that’s ok….it truly is ok…..

Life will continue moving on, regardless of the outcome or the circumstances… just does…..Thank God it does!



Your future self…….




6 thoughts on “To my future self…. I hope you read this.

  1. Damn you, Lori! You had me calm until the last paragraph…the one that talks about ups and downs…then the tears rolled!!!! And I don’t even think they rolled because of my autistic 5 yr old…I think it was the NT 17 yr old that came to mind!!!!! You’re right. Autism or not. Because having a teen, yourself-while raising a small child on the spectrum-causes you to really be in-tune with how important ALL of these childhood years are…. Thanks for being there, lady 🙂

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